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Fallen Empire is more than just a World of Warcraft guild.  We are a tight-knit gaming community consisting of 100+ dedicated players.  We have been pushing end game content for 10+ years and are always looking for skilled and committed players interested in joining us in that effort.  In addition, many of our members are active in the Mythic+ and PvP communities as well as games outside of World of Warcraft.  And while it is fun to push high keys or play some ARAMs with your fellow guild members, our main focus remains progression raiding.

There are many of us in the guild who have a very high level of experience in the progression raiding community, with some of us having been core raiders in US top 20 guilds in the past.  Unfortunately, as time moved on and our real lives began to develop, we found that we no longer had the time required to devote to a hardcore progression raiding schedule.  That is why we are committed to our two night per week schedule and performing at our very highest level to take advantage of the minimal time we have each week to devote to raiding.

If swift progression on a limited raiding schedule is what you are looking for then this is the place for you.  Feel free to check the recruitment page to see our current needs but remember, even if your class isn’t listed we are still looking for good players of any kind!