Fallen Empire is of the mindset that you don’t need to raid 20+ hours a week to achieve significant progress.  We understand that people have lives outside of gaming and people don’t always have time to devote to such a hardcore raiding schedule.  Instead,  we strive to progress as quickly and as efficiently as we can in the small amount of time we raid each week.

Our current raiding schedule is 8-11 PM server time on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Because we only have 6 hours per week to devote to progression, raiders in this guild are expected to show up each night in the best possible position to maximize your gameplay.  This means coming with fully enchanted and gemmed gear, bringing the appropriate consumables and fully understanding all the nuances of your class and role.

We also understand the importance of having a fun and engaging environment in which to raid. So while we do tend to hunker down when it comes to progression we also all love to joke around and just have a fun time playing the game with each other.

If all of this sounds like something you might be interested in then feel free to submit at application by clicking the link below.  And even if you don’t see your class listed in our current needs don’t hesitate to submit an application anyway as we are always looking for good players of any kind. We look forward to meeting and playing with you!